Hours of Availability
Massage Services*
Bulk Packages and Monthly Memberships

I provide engaging and dynamic treatments, from relaxing “aloha” massage experiences to issue-specific sessions featuring very focused (and sometimes intense) work.

Each treatment is a spontaneous creation, designed for each client combining the needs of the day with the over-arching treatment plan, so I just call it all “Combination.”

One of my treatment goals as a bodyworker is to meet you, wherever you are, and lead you back through your body. I want you to leave here not just feeling better, but already feeling more like yourself.

Each treatment will include:

18 yrs. Luxury Spa and Therapeutic experience, air-conditioned room, Kailua’s most comfortable massage table, Hot Towels, classically trained Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Positional Release Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Lomi-Lomi kine forearm techniques, Shiatsu-like acupressure, Trigger Point work, Stretching, etc.

Hours of Availability:

Monday:   10-6

Tuesday:  10-6

Wednesday:   9-3:30

Thursday:  10-6

Friday:     9-3:30

Saturday:     <N.A.>  (family time)

Sunday:   11:30-7:30



354 Uluniu Street, Suite 404, Kailua.

This is in the Kailua Business Center, within Kailua Integrated Medicine on the 4th floor.

Abundant parking all around, but all of it is metered.


Massage Services*

Combination Massage:
30 mins.,     55
60 mins.,     75
90 mins.,   110

ARomatherapy Massage with Hot Towels
30 mins., 60
60 mins., 85
90 mins., 120


Bulk Packages and Monthly Memberships

60 or 90 minute massages can be bought in packs of five or ten, or if you prefer as a monthly subscription.

You might prefer a multi-pack package if:

  • You would rather pay up front for a series of sessions, or
  • You are working towards a specific goal, or
  • You are working within a specific timeframe, or
  • You want the best value for your massage dollar!

You might prefer a monthly membership if:

  • You want massage to be a part of your monthly wellness routine, or
  • You are already receiving regular massage and want to save money, or
  • You would prefer incremental deductions from your bank account instead of a big lump sum, or
  • Your wellness goals are more for the purposes of stress-reduction, relaxation, or bodily maintenance

Both monthly membership subscriptions and multi-pack packages earn free massage credits for yourself and to give away!  Details:  Memberships and Packages.



*referring to Therapeutic Massage and Massage Therapy as defined by the State of Hawaii