You've never seen a table like this before

Okay, maybe you have seen a table like that before.

But you've never seen a table that ALSO has:

Floating Face Cradle

Water spheres embedded in a multi-layer foam cushioning and supportive pedestal support the face and weight of the head and allow near frictionless motion independent of the rest of the table.

This feels like your head and neck can safely get into the movement and flow of the treatment, rather than be stuck in a fixed, cramped position, creating a sense of freedom.

As the spheres conform to the face and help to relax muscles, this support also features a unique, open space to avoid pressure on the eyes and sinus cavities, creating an exceptional feeling of comfort and relaxation.

The “X-factor”:

An acoustic projector mounted deep inside the frame turns the table itself into a finely-tuned instrument. Waves of ambient music become a vivid and immersive layer of a deeply, profoundly, relaxing experience.



The “Zzz” factor:

This weighted drape contains 18lbs of glass beads, offering your body the best hug ever! In therapeutic context, these natural sleep aids swaddle the nervous system with security and comfort.

A boob cushion:

This specialized bolster pillow actually cushions “everything but” to alleviate pressure on the breasts during massage or other clinical procedures while in a face-down position.

Contoured recesses provide surprising comfort for clients with larger natural breasts (as well as those who are post-operative from reconstruction, reduction, or augmentation). Such orthotics facilitate a more neutral positioning of a woman’s torso and spine, minimizing artificial loading and compression of breast tissue. As your ribs and torso to settle comfortably onto the table, our therapist now sees the body in a more accurate presentation, allowing for a more accurate assessment.

Though this upgrade is “always on,” males or supine clients notice only luxurious padding and positive support for the chest and shoulders.

I’m very excited about this device, and how liberating it is for women receiving “heavy pressure” or “deep-tissue” kinds of bodywork.

Further upgrades and improvements:

  • High-end Luxury Spa Table…
  • Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter to Eliminate Odors and Allergens…
  • Electric lift with hydraulic assist for perfect positioning and pressure…
  • Extra wide and cushy deck so any body can really let go, spread out, and relax…
  • Soft, high thread count cotton sheets ensure modesty and comfort…
  • Underneath the sheets, a table warmer (optional) and multiple layers of fluff and padding pamper guests in a cloud of luxury…

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