Hours of Availability
Massage Services*

My rates are for the time, not the work I do within that time.  I provide engaging and dynamic stylings, from relaxing “aloha” massage experiences to issue-specific treatments featuring very focused (and sometimes intense) work.

“Deep Tissue” costs the same as “Relaxation” (despite the customary trend within our industry of charging more for purposes of profit), so I just call it all “Combination.”

I believe that people want to pay a fair price for quality goods and services, and that is what I strive to provide in every massage.

Each treatment will include:

18 yrs. Luxury Spa and Therapeutic experience, air-conditioned room, Kailua’s most comfortable massage table, Hot Towels, classically trained Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Positional Release Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Lomi-Lomi kine forearm techniques, Shiatsu-like acupressure, Trigger Point work, Stretching, etc.

Hours of Availability:

Monday:   11:30-7:30

Tuesday:   11:30-7:30

Wednesday:   9:00-3:30

Thursday:   11:30-7:30

Friday:     9:00-3:30  (rare)

Saturday:     <N.A.>  (family time)

Sunday:   11:30-7:30



354 Uluniu Street, Suite 104, Kailua.

This is inside the Kailua Business Center, and shares space with “Kailua Massage Therapy”.  Abundant parking all around, but all of it is metered.

**Note that on-site (outcall) massage services are the same price as in-office services, plus one service and set-up fee per household.
This is to say that if I am already at your house, it doesn’t cost me more gas or drive time for a second service, so I’m not going to charge you again.


Massage Services*

Combination Massage:
30 mins.,     55
60 mins.,     85
90 mins.,   125
120 mins.,  155


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*referring to Therapeutic Massage and Massage Therapy as defined by the State of Hawaii