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Random links and a hodgepodge of whatnot

*Cool Tools, the one website I check every day. They have their own recommendation grab bag, called Recomendo
*, eyeglasses on the cheap.
*, Hawaiian Language dictionary. Make sense of those crazy street names in Hawaii!
*I don’t have one of these but it is wonderful and absurd. (plausibly relevant)
*The story of stuff
*The Nature Conservancy’s daily news
*I love Audipo, an app I use to study music in my android phone. I can change the pitch or tempo of songs and set up loops to a precise degree, so I can work on a lick or see if changing the tuning would suit the timbre of my voice better. I can change the EQ settings to my liking, and of course can also up playlists, organize by artist, album, etc.  I paid for the pro version and find it completely worth it.  iOS  Android
*If the Whole Foods Market and had a love child, it might look like Vitacost. Healthful shopping delivered to your door, on the cheap!
*The Music Lesson book, written by 5-time Grammy award winning musician Victor L. Wooten, is now part of the music curriculum at the Berklee College of Music and other esteemed institutions. If music helps you get into the flow, check this one out!
*1200 free online college and university courses
*Origin of the Shaka, Origin of the High 5


Any ideas for the grab bag? Find whatevahs, and leave whatevahs in the comments!

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