I played Capoeira for a few years (more than a few years ago) and it had a profound impact on my life.

To this day I still draw benefit from the physical condition and flexibility instilled in that training

I have fond memories of our group and my teacher Dondi “Enxu” Marble (salve, meu mestre), and am happy to see that the school lives on after Dondi’s passing.

When living out of the country it was one of the aspects of my former life in Tucson that I missed the most.


In Honolulu, I have yet to get back into training, but every year it stays on my list of New Year’s resolutions.

Honolulu has representation from 3 of capoeira’s international associations: Capoeira Besouro, Senzala, and Cordao de Ouro (… but no schools under the umbrella of Mestre Acordeon and the UCA, my former school in Tucson).

There are different styles of capoeira, the most popular are Capoeira Angola and Regional.

People come to capoeira for different reasons, such as strength training, flexibility, cardio-fitness, dancing and musical education, culture and community. I think most capoeiristas would tell you that it is not one of these things that holds them, it is truly a combination of all.

For me, capoeira

gave me a feeling of pride in being a malandro, for once let me celebrate a station in society

Philosophy of the drone, of being transported into an altered state of being via an omnipresent sound that you no longer consciously heard

It looks like the CDO school is on hiatus, but here’s the Besouro and Senzala class schedules

Struggling students may be interested in perusing this (older but still relevant) song compendium

Check out these tasty Capoeira vids:

Cara de Peixe - Melhores Movimentos

This guy’s got moves

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Jogo de Angola Professor Pretinho e Instrutor Haiti

Beautiful game, lots of humor and malicia!

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Itapuã Beiramar e Emerson Rasta

Beautiful game, humor, class, and malandragem

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