Guiding Principles

My approach to the work is informed by the following concepts. (Articles for each of these ideas are in the pipeline….)

  1. We become caricatures of the postures we practice (postural accumulation)
  2. Biotensegrity is systemic, expressed dynamically in tight, pulling tissues, and their antagonists being pulled tight
    Tight sub-occipitals incline the skull towards C7, simultaneously collapsing the posterior cervical spine and ratcheting the TMJ towards the manubrium (the necklace)
    a. Lengthen in the front, strengthen in the back
    b. The manubrio-sternal joint governs the posture
    c. Push the back back down (Rolf’s “up the front, down the back”)
    4 point posture checklist:
    1.) carry the manubrium higher
    2.) let the shoulders go
    3.) [or (1a.)] impulse of the cervical spine uncurving, not being pulled back but having the will to move back
    4.) hips in their happy place
    Cycle through 1-4
  3. Movement is the message
    a. Variety of movement is required
    b. Stretching is good, movement is better
    c. Use it or lose it (If you are not inhabiting your range of motion, you are abandoning it)
  4. Change “normal” to change your posture
    a. Regular “resets” to clear accumulation
    b. Workplace ergonomics (getting a standing desk won’t help, at least not why you think it will)
    b. Somatic reeducation/Posture is movement.

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