Core Values


To nudge clients towards a more healthful version of themselves by offering hope and a direct experience of their own body

Brand Foundation (GIVE)

1. Gratitude – A philosopher wrote that man can endure any “how” as long as he has a “why.” I am grateful for all of the “how’s” and “why’s” that have brought me to this moment, and grateful for my role in what will become of it and the potential we create.
2. Integrity – Being fully engaged in the work at hand, emphasizing the intention of offering over the expectation of  receiving.
3. ValueEngagement x Ability = Value. People want to buy quality goods and services at a fair price from someone they like. I offer a superior quality of service consistent with the expectations of a discerning and appreciative clientele.
4. Empathy is our superpower. Each treatment is uniquely woven of interplay of feeling and touching, receiving and giving, action and stillness, engagement and release.  A heightened ability to “feel” informs the method of our touch.

Service Pillars (ACCESS)

–Well Appointed – the facility and equipment facilitate comfortable and efficient workflow
Convenient – treatments sufficiently available and readily accessible
Comfortable – facilitating ease within by providing comfort without
Effective – outcome-oriented treatments employing evidence-based techniques
Safe – protecting the clients’ privacy and well-being at all times
Service – preempting requests by anticipating needs

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