Time to feel better, Kailua!

I’m Anthony Nayeli, Licensed Massage Therapist

(MAT #12763 MAE #3297)

I am blessed to have worked with some of the leaders in this field who have shaped my perspective and approach to the work.

With thanks and respect to all my mentors and clients, I’ve been helping people with manual and massage therapy for almost 20 years.

Just as every body is different, so too are the many reasons people come in for massage. Let’s design the most appropriate course of treatment for your needs and goals.

  • What are the immediate goals for this massage here today?
  • What would you hope we could be able to accomplish with continued bodywork?

If you’re in for injury rehabilitation or muscle care to support your active lifestyle, I offer a complimentary and intelligent approach to support your current program. Manual therapies like massage can help you feel better and move more, with less pain and greater range of motion.

For stress relief and relaxation: 18 years of experience in world-class luxury spas have given my massage a refined and beautiful flow.  Combine that with Kailua’s Most Comfortable Table and you can achieve a profound peace and rare calm of mind and body.

Kailua's Most Comfortable Table

I’ve transformed a basic table into a massage theater by adding improvements and upgrades that most clients have never seen before.  You will also find hot towels, a clothes valet, and a phone charging station so that your device can leave as refreshed and recharged as you are!

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Evidence-Informed Practice and the B/P/S Approach

Employing a modern perspective for best outcomes.

“Bio-Psycho-Social” is a framework of different lenses to consider when assessing a client’s situation. It acknowledges that our bodies are made up of more than simple levers, pulleys and symptoms; honoring the person within the being.

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About Me

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and can say that massage has literally taken me around the world!

From Arizona to Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Tahiti, and now Oahu, Hawaii!

Read about some of the adventures and challenges I’ve experienced in my ~20 years practicing massage…

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Rates and Services

Why is online booking better?

Book anytime, from anywhere
Use your own device to make your appointment when you think of it, anytime day or night!

See what’s available
To make it easier to find a time that works for both of us, I will keep my schedule and availability updated within this system.  As clients make reservations those times disappear, so the schedule is always “current.”

You don’t have wait for me
On massage days, I tend to book my appointments back-to-back (and give extra time to the client I’m with) so I usually don’t have time to catch up on phone calls and requests.

Sometimes the time consumed by back-and-forth texting between us means that another client wins an appointment that you could have had because they finalized the process first, by doing it online.

If you see a time that works for you, take it. we can make adjustments as necessary after, but once it’s gone, it’s gone!