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This was by far the most accommodating, relaxing, nurturing experience I have had on the island! Anthony is very intuitive and really caters his massage therapy to the individual’s needs.  -Ava F.


The healing begins from second you lay down on the table, which by the way is the most comfortable table I’ve ever experienced!  -Latasha G.


He was also very sensitive to how he approached my trouble spots, not just tackling them with that deep pressure that’s almost unbearable (like some masseuse’s do), but by relaxing the muscles around the trouble spot first. He was just very skilled, intuitive, generous, and gifted.  -Kristin R.


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Anthony is very welcoming, hard working, and professional. In terms of the massage, I’ve enjoyed relaxing full body massages with firm touch.  -Valentina D.


Anthony is a fantastic guy that does phenomenal work.  Highly recommended.  -Sevrin S.


I must admit – I kept thinking that I don’t want this session to end… The massage was all that i expected and more – tenderizing tense knots , and relaxing at the same time. Application of hot compresses was a surprise bonus. Highly recommended.  -Ruta V.