CAVEAT VIATOR – “Let the traveler beware.”

This phrase has been used as a concise expression of the duty of a traveler on the highway to use due care to detect and avoid defects in the way.

This is to say that YOU, O reader, are the traveler, and you should be careful of what you read on the internet!

And here I invoke 

“The common biomechanical approach to pain treatment has some major flaws right at its center. For example:

  • We don’t have a great idea about what movements are best for a particular individual in a particular context.
  • Our biomechanical assessments are often unreliable and invalid.
  • Our corrections often work for reasons unrelated to actual changes in biomechanics.
  • Many common movement and postural “faults” are not correlated with chronic pain.
  • Tissue damage is poorly correlated with chronic pain.
  • Chronic pain is often more about nervous system sensitivity than tissue damage.”

(from Todd Hargrove, commenting on Greg Lehman’s “Reconciling Biomechanics With Pain Science” course)


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