Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP)

For now I’m just throwing this stuff out there for your interest and reading. Better organization, more elaboration, research, and comment soon to follow…

General Information and Statistics

30 Of The Most Surprising (And Alarming) Back Pain Statistics

National Institute of Neurological Disorders  and Stroke Chronic Low Back Pain fact sheet

Most Americans Live with Low Back Pain – and Don’t Seek Treatment – “Results from the survey confirmed what we suspected – that low back pain has an impact on everyday life, and Americans often focus on the symptoms, rather than the cause of their back pain”

The global burden of low back pain

Low Back Pain Leading Cause of Disability Worldwide – “”For nonspecific low back pain — which explains the majority of back pain — evidence-based management involves reassurance about the favorable prognosis, advice to continue usual activities and stay active, and the prescribing of simple analgesics [painkillers] as needed,” Buchbinder said”

Research, Standards and Results

Chronic low-back pain research standards announced by NIH task force (2014)

Efficacy of classification-based cognitive functional therapy in patients with non-specific chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled trial

Mindfulness Effective for Chronic Low Back Pain in Clinical Trial

Unexpected Factors?

Stanford University Center for Back Pain study on Love and Pain

A Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire (FABQ) and the role of fear-avoidance beliefs in chronic low back pain and disability
The Questionnairre
Physical Therapy article discussing the same study, with results

Body mass index as a risk factor for developing chronic low back pain
Association between body height and chronic low back pain
Antibiotics May Relieve Some Chronic Low Back Pain


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